Shadows in EH for 3D Facewear

Foreword: This post is about creating a shadow texture to be used in Effect House. This is not a tutorial but if you would like to know the steps in more detail, please do write me/comment :slight_smile:

Shadows in Effect House
I have been working on a 3D Glasses collection Effect House filter and Shadows make everything look just a little bit more realistic and cool !

Effect House does have the capability to cast shadows on a mesh but it has limits.

As we can see in this comparison, there seems to be no way of getting rid of this hard edge around the face.

The blend mode is set to Multiply on a Simple PBR material. However, there is no alpha channel to potentially add a FaceMeshMask like in Spark AR.

I did it the old-school way and create a shadow texture via Baking it out in Blender.
I went ahead and baked two textures: Combined and Ambient Occlusion.

I then switched to Photoshop and did some noodling there which gave me pretty good shadow textures:

Close up

Here a little preview.

The Material used is still just a Simple PBR set on Multiply.
Let me know if you have questions.