Shadows in Spark

I want to use this example to start a post on shadows in Spark.
It is very unfortunate that they still do not have a option to have a shadow casting object and a shadow receiving object like in Lens Studio.

Credits for the amazing job with the shadows on those glasses goes to @visualize.mee on instagram.
How did she do this? Is it just a PNG texture on a face mesh? Any tips there?
Any tips generally for creating shadows is very welcome!



These might be smart use of facemesh textures. The shadows I’m surprised by are the earring shadows on the neck and shoulders. No idea how to go about those, though maybe a 2d shadow png which you use with the displacement patch + segmentation as alpha?

I’ve faked shadows by flattening a 3d model on it’s z axis and positioning it accordingly, but the results aren’t incredible

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Wow I did not even see the shadows on the neck! that is incredible! anyone got any more ideas?
@Boris that is a good idea to flatten the 3D object! this would make it easier to create a PNG texture from it as well : )

I’m a bit late :sweat_smile: but here’s my idea:

Scene Render pass the object -> Use some UV displacement (based on the brightness) like Boris said -> Lower the Y a bit -> Success?

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