Sharpen + Lut + Retouch

I’m having trouble using the Unsharpmask5 sharpen effect, it has retouch and a lut included but when I add the sharpen effect my lut disappears and only shows on the face the sharpen effect shows in the background but no lut

You’ll need to chain the sharpen after the LUT, as opposed to layering the rects. LUT -> sharpen -> material.

Thank you, What do you mean by chain them together? I just tried it and the effect is still the same

I’m playing around with this now… I generally don’t use skin smoothing so I forgot that it’s pretty much incompatible with any other full screen effects. You could do something tricky with the lut / sharpen texture like set the material blend mode to something like multiply or screen, but you’d need to adjust the LUT to get the look you want.

Anyway, taking a step back - are you trying to use sharpen AND skin smoothing at the same time? Seems a little counter productive. Maybe consider dropping the skin smoothing?

@enuriru has a retouching shader that will work with render passes

Thanks, Josh!

I also have a tricky sharpening project that’s fully compatible with standard retouch. It also has a bit less beautiful, but much faster algorithm that works well on older devices Spark AR - Fast Sharpen + Fast Blur / Повышение резкости