Sky Segmentation + 3D importation with Animation using C4D


Currently working on a project on Spark AR and Cinema 4D, wondering if someone could put me on the right direction.

First time working on 3D space + Sky Segmentation.

Basically, I want to place an animated flag I made on cinema 4D in the sky. I’m trying to use the tutorials from youtube, bust nothing seems to work.

Can someone help me please, if the sky segmentation is not possible, can someone lend a hand on the 3D animation thing please, I’ve worked on some gifs in the past but not 3D


You can use chromakey to make a mask for the sky, but it’s not super reliable because the sky can be a wide range of colors.

For the flag animation, I think you’d need to use animated bones, then bake the animation into a clip. You won’t be able to use any procedural animations (cloth sim, wind, physics, etc) without converting it into a format that spark accepts.

Another option would be to do some procedural animation directly in spark. We’ve done this before with vertex displacement and it works well enough. I guess you could bake a depth map from your flag animation and use that to control the vertex displacement. You will be able to use all of the fancy cloth sim stuff with this method, since the output is just a jpg frame sequence.

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Is there a particular reason you’re using Spark for this? The main hurdle is that Spark doesn’t actually have Sky Segmentation as a built-in feature, however Snapchat does. You could use Lens Studio to achieve this easier basically :wink:

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