Slider Position and Scale

Hi everyone, How can I change the position and size of a plane or rectangle with the slider? Tips for the patch? thanks
Example: slider for the X and Y axis sizes.
Click on the last button of the Native UI . Similar Filter for the slider

You can use a toRange patch to convert the slider value into the range you want, then pack it into a vec3 so it can pipe into the position of the object you want to affect. Adding an expo smooth just makes it look nicer :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried slider - divide - unpack - pack - position , is this patch OK? If I want to deform a texture with the slider inside a 3D/2D model like the nutella filter. Is it complex? This is Nutella filter thanks for your answer

That should work just fine, but I think the To Range patch will give you easier control over the sizing, e.g. scale .8 – 1.2

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