Slow Motion Effect

hello, i’m trying to make a slow motion effect in effect house, the first way i did was to save the texture camera to several variables that had been recorded using the snapshot node, secondly i sent the texture camera data to 1 image using the select node and after that it continued again to the first stage. but in this way the slow motion effect only works for a few seconds, is there another better way to create a slow motion effect in effect house? Thank You.
Sorry if my explanation is difficult to understand

Can you share an example of what you are trying to make?

If you are trying to make a slow playback effect (e.g. playing the video at half speed), you will need to address the problem of “liveness.” The effect can’t continue forever just because of memory limits. The current time of the slowed down feed will get further from the live video, meaning you need to store more frames. You will quickly run out of memory, and you need to limit the number of frames based on that.

If you are doing something similar in spark, I think the limit is 20 frames if you use a chain of delay frames. You can get much more (100ish) if you create a sprite sheet of frames. I’m not sure how to do this in effect house without losing quality. You’d need to be able to set the size of the render targets, and that’s not possible yet. You could request the feature in the feature-requests channel on discord.

Hi Josh, I tried to make something like this

OK, so they take an approach where they play at half speed for a second, then they play at double speed for half a second. This way it can catch up to the current time and you only need a set amount of frames.

I don’t have the time to play with the concept, but that’s the idea. Instead of using snapshot, it might be faster to set up a chain of cameras and render textures. That’s where I would start.