Snap Record Stop Event


I was scrolling through snap docs and fount this event “SnapRecordStopEvent”, tried using it with example provided in docs, couldn’t see anything happening

Any idea how to use it?

Hi @jojo
Not sure why its doesn’t work for you, but typically this script turn on or off object after snap record button is released.

Hey @Jorik_Rosa thanks for reply

But after snap button is released, i see preview of what I recorded
Maybe Im missing something ?

its depend how u set up project and what you trynna achieve

I just wanna enable something after user has finished recording, and user can see that enabled object in recording.

So the object is hidden while the user is recording, but visible in the final recorded video? I don’t think it’s possible. I am a little confused about why this event exists since the preview window comes up after the recording stops.

That was my doubt, why the event exists if the preview window pops up.
Is there a workaround for this
like I wanna enable a sceneobject only in preview recording or taking A snap and same object is disabled during recording?

Unfortunately, I don’t see how there could be a workaround for this. You would need to be able to define the buffer used for recorded content (as opposed to recording preview), and that option just doesn’t exist in the render options panel.