Sobel + Flowmap and or scrolling uv texture

Hi, I’m trying to to combine sobel with flowmap or scroling texture, but somehow it just doesn’t work. It’s been almost a week trying out some combination, start from displacing the alpha, using distortion patch, sobel to flowmap, flowmap to sobel, add, multiply, divide, subtract,the rgb, the alpha only, omg. it’s kinda frustrating. I knew i must be missing a step or two that must be so obvious and can be guessed instantly by more experienced creator. can someone show me how to do it?

what i want to achieve is that there is a flowing particle or shapes from the edges. and the visible part is only the edges and the particles/shapes that comes out from the edges, other than that should be transparent. and i want to achieve that without using multiple materials. Please help…

Maybe you could achieve something like that with this smoke effect


Thanks Josh, I’ll try it and will report back with the result. I think it’s possible to achieve it with that method. Since basically what I want is like Imagine that the sobel edges/lines is like a hole/gap and behind that hole there is a source of light and it goes out through the hole/gap showing a dispersed light with some particles coming out just like dust in movies where there is cinematic volumetric rays coming through a window and gaps of wooden barn or warehouse or something. but this time it’s combined with a flow map. I think the advance render that could come up with this result is like imagine a dying sun where it still burning but the surface is almost all solid with cracks where there is “lava” flowing on it, plus the fire that comes out from build up gas beneath it, also launching some relatively small thick liquid shaped particles that glowing red hot like with frenel-like shading plus some other dark particles resemble small chunk of parts of the solid material. That shader will be so cool, and then we can put it to a 3d object’s material so it look like a magma monster or something. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: