Soft body Simulation Experience

Hi guys! Wanna share with you my experience with Soft Body Simulation.
I know it’s not new. But, it has some tricks on how to do it right (I hope).

Here I show how it can be done with vellum cloth simulation in Houdini and convert it to the bones animation with Skinning Converter from Game Dev. plugin.

Hope you like it

Awesome! I wonder if this can be done in Blender since I know it can do soft-body simulations. I actually have a project coming up that could use some of this soft-body baking so maybe it’s a good time for me to explore it. Do you know of any similar plugins for Blender?

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Ossim plugin do something similar. you can even create rigged body. Looking pretty cool, but not have time to try it out and test it in spark or lens studio

Also its has few more

Cant wait for your experiments

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