Sound not working on Android devices

Hi, we’ve made a filter that triggers a sound when you open your mouth. On iPhone it works perfectly (although 99% of the times you have to tap the volume button on the side of the phone before it works, which is kind of annoying), but on certain Android devices it doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone know what there is to do about this?

Isn’t that a bug they still haven’t fixed? Maybe send the link, I seem to have the Android that is the exception, everything works on it (Galaxy S8). If the sound doesn’t work on mine, there’s definitely an issue.
I haven’t checked up on the status of audio in filters in a few weeks tbh

I’m not sure if it will solve the issue, but I’ve had some mysterious audio problems that were fixed after I re-encoded the file with this script.

Hi @Boris, here is the link:

@josh_beckwith thanks for the script! I’m afraid this didn’t help yet. Will try it again later today.

Just tried unfortunately the sounds don’t work on mine either :frowning: