Spark_AR 2-D Tracking Big Head

I’m thinking this connected to the 2d face tracker, id really like to learn how to do this.
Could anyone help me figure this out?

any help will be credited!!!


I caught this screenshot from @teijaboo09

Im not sure about it. But i guess this is kind of seprating the head from body segmentation texture

Here’s a quick prototype - you can probably get better results with some blurring and more accurate meshes (like the bust occluder). For time-sake I just scaled up the face mesh and multiplied it by the body segmentation. That gets it most of the way there. I hope this helps!

spark-bighead.arprojpkg (14.4 KB)

Thanks @josh_beckwith, this is pretty straight forward. I see what you mean by blurring there are some pretty harsh edges on the shader render pass. I tried fixing this by softening the edge and mask size, im not seeing any changes. I didnt see any results, any thoughts?

Those settings don’t work with render passes since it’s a custom render pipeline. You can roll your own segmentation settings with blur and smooth step, but also there are some shader code assets buried in the spark app files that do dilation and contraction

that makes sense, im going to dive in some more and see what comes out of out.

You can found tutorial from TJ =)


jorik, how can we find other fdccc for spark ar :smiley:

I got you covered :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: yes, thats it.