Spark AR audio "Energy Meter" patch "Cut-off"

Spark AR audio “Energy Meter” patch “Cut-off” input is described as “Cutoff frequency in Hz for a low-pass filter. This is applied before the signal power is estimated.” I was hoping to use a few of these patches to build my own “Audio Analyzer” since the one offered in Spark AR is not flexible or customizable in ways that I would like it to be… One problem I’m having is that I am not seeing the previously mentioned “Cut-off” parameter having ANY EFFECT - I’ve tried a wide range of “Cut-off” values and it never seems to affect the “Energy” level coming out of the patch… Am I missing something ? Does anyone have this working ? Thanks.

I noticed the same thing! The cutoff param does absolutely nothing! I’ve filed a report already, but I recommend you do the same. It would be super nice if it worked like it should.

yeah that cutoff input is dead - I did eventually figure out a kludgey (but pretty successful) way to make my own audio analyzer (where I can define the number of bands and the frequency ranges of each band etc. - and not be stuck with the hardcoded falloff curve used in the Spark AR stock audio analyzer)… see this short screen grab

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