Spark AR Beginners FAQ

I have spent quite a while in the main Spark AR community and also in the Spark AR forum to see repeated questions asked by new creators from time to time. So here’s a list of FAQ by beginners and hopefully it will be helpful for your journey ahead in creating effects with Spark AR!

1) Why does my Facemesh disappear behind my background? I want it to always be in front.

Select the material for your facemesh, find advanced render option on the right and uncheck depth test. This will ensure your facemesh to always appear in front of your background. This method applies to all objects you want to always appear in front of another object.

2) Why is my face texture dark/ why is my texture slightly darker than its original colour?

If you want your face texture to look normal or your texture to retain its original colour, make sure your material type is “Flat”. Objects with flat material will not be affected by the lights in Spark AR and will retain the png/jpeg colour.

3) Why is there a weird red noise when I use a LUT?

Make sure your LUT texture is in Png format and not Jpeg. Also, make sure your LUT texture is not compressed in Spark AR.

4) How to reduce the file size of my project?

For image, use:

For 3D model, you can use Spark AR Blender toolkit to reduce the polycount:

Finally, make sure all unused textures are removed from your project folder.

5) Why doesn’t my audio play/why can’t I import audio file?

Make sure your audio file is in the following m4a format: 44.1 kHz, mono channel, acc codec. You can convert your audio to m4a with the correct setting here:

6) My audio file is in the correct format now, but it can only play once.

Make sure you use Audio Playback Controller to control your audio. You need to reset and play the audio at the same time every time you need the audio to be played.

7) Why can’t I get my effect with text in the middle approved?

According to the Spark AR review policies, all text used in an effect must be tracked to the Face tracker, Plane tracker or Target tracker. Even if your text is animated or just a png image, you still need it to be tracked to one of the trackers.

8) But there are many effects with text in the middle on Instagram, why can’t I do it?

Unfortunately, those effects you saw somehow managed to slip past the review system. Whether they got through because of review error or through other cheating ways, those effects are not allowed and can be taken down any time by Facebook without warning.

For more info read here:

9) Can I make effects with Alcohol and guns?

NO. All contents unsuitable for 13 years old and below are not allowed. Even for weapons like guns used for game effects are also not allowed.

10) I need the effect approved quickly, can I get it approved faster?

NO. All creators have to go through at most 10 business day of the review process. There is no special channel you can go through to get it to approve faster.

11) How can I upload effects for my friends/clients?

You can get them to appoint you as AR Manager by following the steps here:

12) Where can I find the best tutorials for Spark AR?

All tutorials are great. If you like watching videos, you can try

If you like to read, read the official Spark AR documentation:

Else, you can also search for what you want in the main Spark AR Community

13) How can I see the people that used my effects?

You can only see some people that used your effects when you open up your effects on your IG account. Your effect icon will be highlighted indicating someone has used your effect in the past 24 hours.

14) How do I get 1 million impression and more followers?

There is no formula on this. The only way is to keep making AR effects and improving your skill without caring much about impression and followers. As your skill improved, you will be able to create more things that people like.

15) Can I have multiple target trackers in an effect?

Not yet. We can only have 1 target tracker for an AR effect for now.

16) My effect is rejected because of Logo, how can I get it approved?

You can only have 1 logo in view at any point in time in your effect. The logo needs to also follow the rules of text, i.e it must be tracked to one of the trackers. So you will get rejected if you have a logo that is a static overlay or if you are showing more than 1 logo at a time.

To be continued…


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