Spark AR Face Deformation Bug?

I made a subtle face deformation and I used it several times in different files with success and sometimes It does not seem to work. It does not automatically create the FaceWarpMaterial0. It looks like the picture below. The setup of the file is simple, nothing fancy. Is this a Bug in Spark or am I doing something wrong? It is a quite annoying little thing :smiley: Anyone has the same problem?


facedeformmesh - Copy 2

I’ve seen this happen in projects where I tried to use deformation AND render passes at the same time. They aren’t compatible, so you’ll have to make a compromise.

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Hi @josh_beckwith

Yes I can imagine if the setup is complex that something can go wrong, but I really have nothing special, just a basic scene. Basically, since it is a simple scene I could start form scratch, add the deformation first to make sure it works and then continue with the rest but that just seems not very productive ; ) Probably just a bug in the program…


I think it should warn you about the render pass and deformation incompatibility when you add deformation.

If this is the baby hair project, we are using the sticky color picker in it, right? That uses render passes

Hi @josh_beckwith yes you are right indeed, my bad. I did not realize that the sticky colour picker has a render pass included…:wink:
OK so if anyone has this problem and doesn’t know where it comes from, hopefully this post explains it haha

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