Spark ar Kira Kira with edge detection

Hello! I’m wondering if anyone can help me make Kira Kira effect with edge detection, I already have the Kira Kira set up I Just don’t know how to link it to the edge patch. Thank you!
@josh_beckwith any ideas?

Hi Maggie! There are a lot of ways to do Kira Kira, so I can’t say exactly how to add the edge detection. In general I’d say just use some sobel filter output instead of the camera texture. If you can post more about your project setup, I can elaborate. You can get the sobel patch in the library, if you don’t have it already.

Thank you so much for answering!!
I set it up like this with the sobel, is it corrrect?

The sobel output should go into the kira input. You might have to adjust the sobel (contrast, change screen size, brightness, etc) until it gives the desired result. You may need to use a shader render pass on the sobel output for it to work correctly in the kira input. That will flatten it out into a texture - sometimes you will end up with a color value output (not a texture) and it won’t work with texture sampler again.