Spark AR - Random filter query

HNY everyone

I am trying to make a random makeup generator filter. It starts with a question screen (2d) which leads to the final answer being shown on a card (2d) over the head, and the corresponding makeup (3d) being applied to the face. I am using a spark 3d eye makeup block object. Additionally, I want to assign a new image for each random result in the end.

So in the end, the answer card on the head (2d) + makeup (3d) + new Image (2d)

I have somehow managed to get it but it has one issue. On the starting question screen, if you wait for 5 seconds (less than patch). It shows the random effect (makeup (3d) + new Image (2d) even if I don’t tap on the screen. Otherwise, if I tap, I get the desired result.

Instead of offset and runtime, you could probably just use a delay patch if you want something to happen 5 seconds after tapping.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried adding the delay patch but in that case, the random filter is not working. I also tried adding the “delay” to “less than” also but it is not working. On the question screen after a few seconds (total duration of delay and less than), the last objects (eyeliner and mascara) start to appear.

It has only one issue… if the user is not tapping on the question screen within 5 sec (less than value is 5 sec)… it shows the eyeliner and mascara (objects) in the question screen only. Instead of “delay”, i need something between the “less than” and “not” patch