spark ar screen

Hello, Spark AR community ! I would like to ask you a question. My filter looks different on different models of phones. What’s the reason for this?

1st photo sleek, iPhone 6s.

2rdphoto problematic, iphone 11

I think the problem is dimensional, but isn’t there a standard for it?



If you are sizing your rects with relative size, then they will change based on the size of the screen. You can test this behavior in the simulator by using the “resizable window” option in the device list.

Of course, you can do some math to figure out the device aspect ratio and apply the inverse of that to scale your rects, but I’ve already done the leg work in the fit2screen and fit2rect patches. You can find them in the asset library.

how and with what do i connect fit2 or fitscreen?

There’s an example project on github