Spark AR Shadow Action Not Working

I tried adding a simple shadow to an imported cube. The shadow is named “Shadow - Cube” as expected but it doesn’t scale with the cube, nor does it move with the cube.

Also, when I open the shadowBlock and inspect the patches inside shadowBlock, there is no Bounding Box patch to control the scale of the shadow, unlike what it says in Spark AR documentation:

Am I missing something very basic or has Spark AR gotten a bug with it’s simple shadow action?

Huh, might have a bug, been the trend lately. Try putting it inside the cube object (inside of it in the Scene panel), that way it’ll simply inherit it’s position, scale and rotation.

Hi Boris,

Thanks for the reply and idea. Shadow inside cube object does inherit position but unfortunately no longer sticks to the ground and doesn’t scale down when the object is further from the ground. Probably will have to be achieved manually (patch editor of scripting) to get the shadow to scale properly with the cube object. For now I’m going to do without shadows.

It helps preserve sanity to know bugs are on trend and it’s not just me :-|!