Spark AR too long validation time!

Hi guys, my filter update has been in review for more than 15 days and it isn’t accepted yet. Why Instagram team take so much time to accept filter when yesterday I uploaded another one and was accepted in 2 hours?

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Hi @LoryTheHawk try to message Spark Ar Creators and send then the Filter ID.


The review process has never really been their strong suit. Although they advise against it, something that can help is simply re-uploading the project as a new filter (archiving the previous version that’s been pending forever or honestly keeping them both and crossing your fingers)
As Tarcisio said, sending them a more detailed message explaining what’s going on and with the effect ID could allow them to manually go check and approve it quicker.
There are no guarantees they will do it though, or for that matter even answer at all really ^^°

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