Spark AR Upload Instructions

Hi Everyone!
I wrote down upload instructions for Spark AR accompanied by some images. I hope it can be useful to you!


You will need:
Internet connection
A .arexport file type to upload a new filter or update a old filter

1: Go to Spark AR Studio - Create Augmented Reality Experiences | Spark AR Studio and click on Manage Effects

2: You can toggle between accounts if you have several different ones.
Choose the account you want to publish the filter on and click ‘Publish Effect”

3. Now it is time to give your filter

  • A name
  • To drop the .arexport file in
  • Choose a platform (All possible platforms or a specific one)
  • Choose a Category that fits best to the filter you want to publish
  • Choose Keywords (basically like hashtags)
  • Pick a DEMO VIDEO . (the Demo Video needs to be taken with the Instagram camera!) The Demo Video will show up on your profile. You can see the preview on the left side. You can toggle through the different ways people can see your preview video with the little arrows.
  • Pick an ICON (icons are not as strict as Demo Video so you could use for example a render as an icon. However I would suggest to use a picture taken with the effect to be on the safe side)

4: Click on Save or Submit
Save will literally only save your effect on the hub, it will not go through a reviewing process.
If you Submit, the filter will go through a reviewal process and either be accepted or denied within 1-10days reviewal time (lately filters have been accepted very fast, within one day)
For more info on the Review Policies check this link Spark AR Review Policies

if you go back to the main overview on the Spark AR Hub and click on ‘Effects’, you have an overview of your effects. Here you can also toggle the visibility of your filter On or Off (if it is off, it will not show up on the users profile)
Click on the effect you want to update

6: You will now see more information about the effect, statistics etc.
On the top right you will see a ‘Update’ button.

7: click on ‘Replace’ and find your updated .arexport file of this effect.
After the file has been uploaded click on ‘Submit’ in the right top corner.
The filter will again go through the reviewal process.

Thank you!