Spark AR v95.1 Changelog / Quick Tips / Bugs

Spark AR v95.1

Feel free to add errors/bugs you encounter with this version here, as the aim of the post is to have a visible thread to check up on the state of sparkAR’s latest release.

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Here are some bugs reported by @MartinBerisso in [SUGGESTION] updated pinned list for known bugs lurking around

now in every version i try, uploading a test link with a pbr material will turn the roughness value to zero, giving out a mirror looking material, not the one I am actually seeing in spark.
this doesnt happen in IOs, its an android only issue (and high priority in the to fix list, so i expect it fixed quite soon)

2D text with new v95 coordinates has a little issue, which if you have a hierarchy of 2D shapes, in facebook outputs will look different than instagram outputs, and to make it funnier, it will look different to both when just using the “send to phone” option

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Bug fix: Update your project to v95+ if you notice touch interactions not working while recording