Spark AR v96 Changelog / Quick Tips / Bugs

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Quick Tips v96: Vintage camera effect. Dan shows how to make a flickering dust effect with just one image. He also explains how to throttle the FPS of the effect by using delay frame.

Has anyone found new bugs that are specific to v96?

Hi! does anyone actually know which anchor objects this is referring to?

I have several scripts that track facial expression and use stuff like (or close enough)… maybe this is what is being deleted? there are quite a few not available in patches yet… so if they kill the script available ones it might kill some of my effects…

// EDIT:
Checked and my scripts still work allright, still not sure what apis got deprecated

I found a bug, It doesn’t allow me to update at the moment on Mac.


Did you try downloading directly from the site? Might just be a bug with the auto-updater.

No, there are so many bugs with hub recently, that, to be honest, I’m scared to update… I may wait for the next one :slight_smile:

You can keep a stable version and an up to date one. I’m still mostly using v92, but have v96 installed to quickly open/convert and see it anything breaks

Heads up - I’ve seen a few reports of person segmentation failing on android devices

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Including delay frames (or render passes?) is not working with patch assets. It will fail silently, but after I delete and recreate, it shows an error that says something like “component input port is bound to a component with identifier… but that component doesn’t exist”

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you mean having patch assets and render passes in the same project or having render passes as part of the patch asset?

Atm I have passes and patch assets and its not failing, but I dont have delay frames yet, so maybe that breaks it, and I am working on a windows version, maybe a mac issue?.

If I have a patch asset that contains a delay frame, it will do this. I did find a workaround but it’s such a huge inconvenience. If I ungroup it, delete the delay frame, then make another delay frame, it will work. The downside is that I have to basically rebuild the patch group and all of the properties. I’m a little sad because I have quite a few patches like this but I don’t think I’ll distribute them until this bug is fixed.

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probably related to the fact that when you navigate a patch asset, unlike a patch group, it wont update with the inputs’ values, because its a sort of parallel-world where the patch is not connected to anything.
delay frame must be trying to request a value that is just never there, but it is, but its in a parallel dimension of sorts…

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