Spark ar world effects

I hope that someone can make a tutorial video or small project to explain how to create such as this world effect on TikTok

Could you describe what the effect does or -even better- upload a video using it?

Not familiar with how TikTok works, but how I THINK you could do it in Spark is have the face object attached to a plane tracker. Then to make it look like it’s “inside” the floor, you plug the camera texture into the diffuse texture of the material for the eyebrows and stuff. Maybe even using something similar to a glass shader so that the camera texture distorts a bit?

Then other parts of the mesh would be mapped to materials for the eyes and shadows


i will try but i you have good video tutorials related to that topic please replay with the links :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know of any video tutorials, but this text tutorial on glass shaders has a lot of example images and shows how you can use the camera texture on scene objects


based on what I see in the video this is my “guesstimation” of how it works:

First you need to have those 3D Objects with blend shapes for the mouth. and blink animation for the eye. Those objects are also have to UV unwrapped properly. Also as we can see there is some kind of shadow around them, this can be achieved by baking the ambient occlusion and shadow together. assign different material for the base, middle mouth, and pupil.

After that import them to spark, and put it on a plane tracker. adjust the position and orientation so it flush with the surface.

change the base material texture to this:

and blend it with the baked shadow and ambient occlusion.

drag the mic to patch editor, connect to energy meter or audio analyzer to drive the blendshapes of mouth and also connect it to speaker.

make loop animation for the pupil rotation.
make loop animation for the eyelid to make a blink animation.
make loop animation for the eyebrow rotation.

that’s it. the rest of it are just fine tuning.


I will try thanks sir :heart_eyes:

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