Spawner for X position

Hi, my name is Mattia, from Italy and I’m trying to do a falling object filter.

With the Transit by timer and Lerp function the object fall from the top to the bottom. Now, I want it spawn random in X position when the Transit by timer is completed.

I have try with End execution but i don’t found a connection between Logic and Control to do this when this happened. So I used Greater or Equal to take a Random Number when the value of Transit is finished, but there is only Logic Select node to choose between two condition, so, The X value change only once or continuously.

In few words I want when the loop is finished tho take a Random number one time and put it in the Vec2 until the next loop is finished.

thanks in advance for your reply

I haven’t tried this myself, but if you can share an example project, I can take a look at it.

I did it. I used two Node, Timer and Transit by Time. You have to link the output Started: Exec from Time to the input Start of Transit by Time, now link its output End with the input Start of Timer.

Set the loop in Transit to 1, the Duration must be the same in both nodes.

At this point every time the loop of transit is completed, Timer recall it from the beginning. Using the output Completed now is possible send a impulse every time the loop is completed and set in “Created Variable” where you can set like Value a Random Range.