Specific Value

Hello Friends,
I would like to know just how do I identify that the “value” is greater than 6 and stop the questions, without restarting at 0 (zero)


Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 22.43.58

use “less then” patch

If I’ve understood correctly this should do what you’re looking for. It’ll change the values the first time around but once it reaches the max count the first time it’ll just display the value in the “Then” input of the If then Else

P.S: the values aren’t correct, make sure to properly change them (the max count, second input of the Greater than and “Then” slot of the If then Else are dependent on how many options you have)

Another option would be to set maximum count to 999999 and use a max node after that. The counter will keep ticking up, but it will not be allowed to go past 7

Thank you guys.
Everything went well here.