~~Strikethrough~~ text

Hi PopulAR team,
I love the site and what you’re doing.
While writing some posts I found myself wanting to use strikethrough text, it can be helpful to express certain things and I think having the ability to use it wouldn’t hurt.
Currently there isn’t a button to use it but I imagined that this posts were just markdown files and would have a similar format to github’s and after trying to use “~~” I confirmed that the platform already supported strikethrough to some extent.
This isn’t high priority by any means, I just thought this could be a small improvement as having to use Shift + ` twice - at least on Mac - is a little annoying.
All the best, Tomas

Edit: Okey it isn’t supported on titles, I’ll leave it as is though

Looks like there’s a plugin that might work for this.

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