Substance Painter Resources

Hi all! I finally have substance painter and want to get started, I know they have their own documentation but does anyone have resources they’d recommend to start out?

Also any other normal map wizards that can point me towards some resources to start using those more effectively, really any learning materials you can recommend that have to do with texturing lol. I’m a Maya user but eventually I’ll learn blender as well…

This can also be a place to drop texturing tips and secrets for native spark texturing! I for example will reduce a texture to 25% of its original size if its going to be showing up small on the screen, really helps with file size.

I have only touched the surface of substance, but I’ve watched a few of the official tutorials and they are pretty great. They have a pretty big collection on the “Substance Academy” site.

If you are familiar with the patch graph in spark, then substance designer is actually super intuitive. I had no problem running with it after watching an hour of the intro tutorial (

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This youtube tutorial is a great way to start using substance painter.