SYLO by somvvr

Hey all, here’s my new filter SYLO !

Demo video:

Try it on instagram:

Wondering if you guys have any thoughts on it.

The initial idea was that I wanted a glitchy tears under eyes filter, where the face was kind of glitching out and you can see the “matrix” behind it or something. Getting the tears texture to basically become a window to show what’s behind it was challenging and I ended up with a bizarre design to do it, but it worked. Though I’m not even sure if it’s obvious at all that that’s what’s happening. I still think it gives it a cool texture with it looking “flat” and separate from the face, as opposed to the colorful animations being directly applied on the face mesh.

I hope you’re getting my explanation, but regardless, let me know your thoughts and critiques!


Looking good! I think I’d like to see some kind of environmental effect on top of this to help set the vibe in the whole scene. It could be some glitchy particles floating around, or maybe a CRT shader on the camera texture. Just something to glue everything together and really sell the aesthetic. Render passes will probably help with this.

And as a side note, if you put links on their own line, it will expand into a player or preview of the content. (I bumped the YT link onto it’s own line so it got an inline player)


Thanks a lot for the advice :smirk_cat: I avoided render passes because I’d rather have the retouch with this one (not sure if the community or Spark figured out how to use both yet?) Some particles is a good idea, though not sure if performance would take too much of a hit.

Also, I do have a CRT type of shader overlayed on top the camera texture, is it not noticeable enough? (or maybe you mean something other than what I have in mind when you say CRT)

Thanks for the tips on formatting too, I’ll keep those in mind next time :smile:

I like the look and how the tears are animated!

I agree with Josh in that maybe making the CTR effect stronger would perhaps help, I think it’s only noticeable if you look at the edges of the screen (top/bottom) & I had already read that there was a CRT shader, otherwise I may have missed it.

I don’t have too much to add, but on the avoiding render passes bit: Retouch is just a blur, you can try to combine Josh’s blur patches with something like Hongwei’s skin sample to get something that’s pretty close to Spark’s retouch by just blurring and mixing the average skin colour


Thank you for trying it and sharing your thoughts! Yeah I can see what you guys are saying about the CRT shader, I didn’t want it to make the image look too blurry but maybe I can alter it. That’s useful advice because I’m definitely going to use it in the future now that I’ve made it.

And that’s interesting about the retouch, thanks for leaving links to the patches, I’ll start looking into implementing retouch that way :smiley:

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You’re welcome. Oh and also, you can use the Face assets to create a mask so the retouch (blurred texture) doesn’t affect the eyes (especially if you mix in the avg skin tone it would look weird)

Edit: just blur and mix as usual but then set the alpha channel to the mask (nothing fancy)

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Thanks man appreciate you taking the tip to explain a lot

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