Target Tracking Bug

Hey, there seems to be a bug with the Fixed Target Tracker right now:

(Its currently on all uploaded Effects with Target Tracking and even if you try it with the Target Tracking Template “3DAnimated Poster” in the Spark AR Studio)

If you scan the tracking-image, then pull the image out of the frame, the device seems to remember the latest position where you scanned the image and if you point the camera exactly where it scanned it the last time, the effect gets triggered (even when the tracking-image isnt visible to the camera) AND all the objects attached to the Target Tracker appear rotated and scaled.

We tryed to reach out for Spark AR Creators, but nobody answered…

If anyone knows some kind of “Work-Around”, that would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


I’ll test it out. The target tracker was working fine for me in v96 though. Are you in v97? Android or iOS?

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Tried it in v96 and v97 (even in v88 haha) also on 2 different Computers (Mac and Windows).

We tried iPhone XR, iPhone 6s and iPhone 8.

Also posted it on Reddit, since new users can’t upload videos here, you can watch a video there:

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Have been experiencing the same problem!

My 3D objects appeared sometimes rotated and scaled - tested it now and it seems that, like you said, the device somehow remembers the latest scanning position and if I go there, the effect gets triggered the wrong way!

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It appears that the Fixed Target Tracker just gets stuck somewhere “behind” the device, after you scan the image,

So if you scan something, then move it out of the frame, you can walk backwards with the camera facing the same direction and after some steps - the effect gets triggered just as if you scanned the image!

(Weird because that would indicate that the Target Tracker is using some kind of device motion? - or world space)

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If that’s the case, you could set the object’s visibility based on if the tracker is found or not. I would think that should be the default behavior, but it’s possible that render passes break that behavior.

The target is the default poster at the beginning, as you can see the plane gets placed on it.
afterwards when i dont have the tracking picture in the frame and i go backwards a few steps, it still gets attached to something in mid air.

here is the code: (did you mean this with render pass?)

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Yes, exactly! Those “visible” booleans won’t work with render passes, so you will have to do something else to hide those objects. You could set the material color to transparent, or maybe set the scale to zero when the target tracker is not found

Just tried to scale the object to zero, after the tracker isnt found, but our problem remains:

The problem isnt that the objects are still visible after the tracker isnt there.
The problem is, that the tracker gets found, even when there is no tracking picture visible…

If I start an animation when the tracker gets found, it gets triggered in the air, like if it just has found the Target Tracker.

You know what i mean? - the animation at the end shouldnt even get triggered. - so it dedects the tracking image somewhere in space.

Yeah that is really strange. Submit a bug report and link to this thread so they can see it!

Did anyone have any luck with this one? We’re having a similar issue.


I’m guessing this is an issue that is specific to render passes. Are you using any render passes? Or is the issue there without RP?

In any case, the reporting system is kind of like your way of voting on which bugs they should prioritize, so it will help if you report the bug too.

Hi Josh, will post the bug.
And no, no render passes.


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It kind of feels like screaming into a void, but they actually do look at those reports. Anyway, It’s better than posting in the main group because those posts are definitely not tracked by the devs :slight_smile:

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