Target Tracking doesn't work on Android?

Hi everyone!

I’m working on an effect that relies on a TargetTracker, it works perfectly on iOS but I can’t get it to work on any Android devices for some reason. I’m using Spark v96.

I even used the Animated Poster template from Spark, with the same results. I tried on 4 different devices, ranging from Android 8 to 10, and all of different brands. I also made sure the latest version of Instagram was installed.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

I just tested the template target tracking project on my Galaxy S8 and somehow it seems to work fine. No idea why it isn’t working on your Android devices :x
Also used v96, exported and tested link through the sparkAR Hub

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Strange, one of the devices I’m using is a Galaxy S8 too, and I can’t get it to work at all. It did work on one device (Pixel 2) when I exported and used the link in the Spark AR Hub instead of sending it to the app from Spark directly.

That might be the difference, I forgot my adapter at home so was only able to test via putting it as a test link on the hub. I’ll try with the cable when I get home and report back :thumbsup:

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@visionar Any chance you can post the target image here?

@josh_beckwith Well, I’m basically trying to get the 3D Animated Poster template to work right now! At first, I thought the issue was with my initial tracker image but when I noticed it worked fine on iOS but not on Android I tried the basic template and it still doesn’t work!

I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to spend time creating a good image tracker if the effect just doesn’t work on Android devices… :thinking:

How are you testing the effect? I loaded it up on my screen and it works flawlessly.

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I tried either by hitting the “Send to app” button in Spark or uploading to the Hub and getting the link from there. Works perfectly on iOS, can’t get it to work on Android. It just won’t detect the image. I also tried printing out the poster instead of aiming at the screen.

OK after a few more tests, it looks like it works on devices that run Android 10.

No luck with Android 9 and earlier…


good to know… I’m gonna continue staying away from that feature lol
it’s been the stuff of nightmares for client projects

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Lesson learned I guess! It would have been good to know beforehand, but what can you do? :man_shrugging:

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Smash the “report a problem” button! The dev team actually looks at those reports, and they might not be aware of this issue