Texture opacity animation

Hi Guys,

I want to animate the opacity of my textures. How can I manage this?
I already found a tutorial, but im stuck at the point when he connects the “pack patch” to the diffuse texture patch. Because i already have another patch connected to the diffuse texture.


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Just put a mix patch in between and animate the “Alpha” input from 0 to 1

You’ll find a screenshot of this in another topic we had recently : Changing opacity of texture with UI Slider


Thanks! When I tap, it gives a pulse to the patch, and the value goes from 0 to 1. How can I make sure that it goes from 1 to 0? So the other way around.

you could add a “transition” patch in between, set it to “number” and put 1 as the top value, 0 as the bottom one.


Such a hero. Thanks again!

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There are lots of ways to do this. You can use To Range, or do 1-value, or the transition method that Boris mentioned. The most performant will be 1-value… although in this case you could just switch the inputs in the mix patch to get the same effect :brain:


I created patch tools to do this with additional feature that it will be animated in a loop in Beats Per Minute (BPM), it has time signature, time modulation and fade in/out independently. This is the demonstration video: