The best way to change eye color without device motion and lagging

Hey guys,
What do u suggest to change eye color by using an iris texture (being more natural) without using device motion?
Of course, I used to make two planes and placing them behind the face texture, and connecting them to irises position.
Just wondering about what is the best way as you guys do. Thanks for your participation.

I think getting rid of device motion would mean you can’t use an environment map on the eyeball. I feel like that would be a pretty important aspect, but maybe not if you’re using an add or multiply blend.

I know there’s an eyeball model in the library. Hopefully there’s an iris in that. It’s probably a small detail, but using a 3d shape would probably make it look slightly better than just flat planes.

Anyway, it’s not really my area of expertise, but I know @Boris has done a lot with eyes. Maybe he has some advice.

Thanks for your information bro. I appreciate it I’m tying to make something similar to perfect eyes effect which is really realistic but not using device motion btw,