The birth of tapehead

today I was messing around in Spark AR and I imported a 3D model I hired someone to make for another (non Spark AR) project I did awhile ago

in Spark AR I placed the 3D model in a face tracker and adjusted the lighting a bit
then I adjusted the scale and position of the 3D model, and enabled it’s built in animation
and then I spent some time experimenting with disabling parts of the model
then I screen recorded a bit of Spark AR playback while playing some music

my idea here is to drop something in the workshop in the very earliest stage of creating an effect… when I look at this, it is already compelling enough (to me at least : ) that I’m interested in developing it into something more, and I can think of lots of adjustments and lots of things to try adding to this that might take it in interesting directions

and I invite any and all workshop feedback at each stage (including this very beginning stage)

I hope to post regular updates as I experiment with it and hopefully polish it into something worth publishing


I like the potential it has.

Maybe you could add some interaction with the buttons that are on the right hand side (seen from the front).

Another interesting idea would be to have the needles move based on the volume of the micrófono (turn it audio reactive basically).

Good luck and keep creating! :heart:

Yeah damn, very nice looking model! I’d say the same as Thomas, if possible make some of the buttons responsive/interactive :smiley:
The needles already move from what I see but I can’t tell if they’re audio-reactive or randomly animated ^^°
You could also implement long press or else to rotate the buttons on the left to change some audio bands (if possible something similar to voice modification, like being able to change the tone of the music played in the filter could be cool)
You could also try to rethink how the buttons fit on the face, as it looks a bit weird now how they’re still stuck on a “plane” in a way. Could be placed on either cheek for example

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I’m all about those knobs! I think they’d look nice if they were stacked vertically. As far as interaction, I might do a tap-to-activate and apply some kind of highlight to it, then rotation gesture to control it.

thanks for the comments - I definitely plan to have audio and audio reactivity be a part of it, hope to try adding some of that soon

Cool project. Since this is music related, and that’s my natural habitat. These are some patches that I created and tried to sell on gumroad but didn’t really work out well. So I think your project and this whole lovely community would be a better place for them to go. I hope you and others find these little patches helpful.

It’s basically just a simple patch with BPM conversion to duration. so when audio freq band doesn’t give you a precise result like you imagine, these kids will be quite handy.

when in doubt of what each parameter does, you can see the patch info or properties i’ve made some documentation about what those are. by this you can match any animation to the audio as long as you know the bpm. I haven’t got time to create tap to find bpm patch but there are many online site that can do that for you. such as this one:

Duration from BPM.arp (3.6 KB) Loop Switch in BPM.arp (8.7 KB) Loop Vec 3 Transition in BPM.arp (18.3 KB) Texture Blink in BPM.arp (17.1 KB) Texture Opacity Loop Switch in BPM.arp (18.2 KB)

for a bit of demo you can watch it here:

Good luck with your project!