The Matrix - binary hologram effect

Hi, so I’m creating some sci-fi effect that inspired by the matrix but using 1 and 0 binary as the “code” animation. I manage to tile the 1 and 0 using a similar method like Kira effect by using 1 and 0 transparent texture.

do you guys know a method on how to make the 1 and 0 texture to be distorted and look like wrapped around the person? Like maybe using the camera texture luminance as a mask for displacement to distort it? like it doesn’t have to be super precise but distorted enough to give an impression that it follows the depth/volume of the camera texture. is that possible?

also, do you guys have an idea on how to create like the falling down code? i’m thinkin of using animation sequence but since i’m using a similar tiling method like Kira effect, It doesn’t work.since all of them are in a uniform plane texture.

this is the test link of the effect:

Your description for the distortion should work well. That’s basically what I do for my glassy effects, just with some extra tweaks to the texture distortion patch.

You could try animating a translation on the kira UVs to make it look like it’s scrolling.

Thanks Josh!.

about the distortion patch, how can we make the distorted texture aligned perfectly on top of the original position? especially to keep it in that position while we are using Adjust Color patch to change the contrast, brightness and lightness. it’s kinda annoying tbh when we change those parameter the position is always shifting lol.

To keep the distortion centered, you would need to subtract half of the strength and then multiply by strength (something like that, anyway). Play around inside the distortion patch from the library and you’ll see.

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