This racing game is really great. Let's talk about how this built!

Hey guys, I just saw this really cool game and I just wanted to share it here so then we can talk about it and the process of making it.
Is this really made with 4MB resources?!
Thanks for your all participates.

Holy cow! I think it could be done under 4mb with some smart texture compression.

One aspect that is really impressive is all of the lights flying around. I think the max for point-lights and spot-lights is 4, so maybe they recycle some of them based on the position of the scene.

As for the driving mechanism, I think they are just rotating the scene around and modifying speed when the user hits the boosts.

Goodness gracious! What a production!

I have no idea how they manage to build that within size limit with a great performance like that. Look at those lightings and reflections! freakin beautiful. My best guess would be they are re-using same 3d low poly meshes with texture mask and do some coloring inside spark such as gradient, fake some light using fresnel type stuff to mask by maybe using sdf like in those arrow turn light, for the traffic light , red brake light and booster light that comes out of the ground probably using plane, then apply sdf to create trapezoid shape and gradient/smooth step for alpha mask. for the car lights up blue-ish when it hits the booster probably using animation patch to trigger a transition (probably by masking out or unmasking the texture to then revealing the base color, or simply adding a light emission using low alpha value), the rear window probably using distortion to look transparent because we can’t see the inside of the car but we can see through the car, the road and objects in front of it. the light reflection on the body of the car probably using environment light or scrolling texture that react/rotate to right and left movement, or re using the road texture on top. because I don’t see any lines of light above the car but it’s in the reflection. maybe the same method like invisible cloak. for the track, it seem like just a rectangle/ouval -ish shaped that they constantly rotate and makes it rotates exponentially faster when player hits booster and slowed down again with some time delay to transtition to normal speed.

I don’t know how they create that render distance effect in spark.

Huge respect to the creator. what a wonderful work. thanks for sharing this here.

If you love 3d filters I highly recommend you to check out: Matt Greenhalgh, @Marc_Wakefield, @eddyin3d, and of course our queens in the house @Sarah & @mitsuko’s work. freakin magical.

I’m now learning how to make a donut in blender because of them. lol :rofl: :rofl: :partying_face: :partying_face: