Trying to create a mask into a 3D world


I’m trying to create an effect where the 3D sphere is masked out until you want through doors similar to this:

I currently have the 3D world with a 360 image, built the doors, but not sure how to mask out the world until you walk into the doors

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


I think it could work if you play with the faces orientation of your 3d mesh : Try making the exterior walls of your box facing outside ?

Thanks, i thought making a plane and doing something with the visibility might work, see attached, thanks for your input, not quite sure what you mean about faces orientation if wouldn’t mind elaborating that would be great

In 3D, each face you create has two sides, an inside and an outside one. The outside one is the one that you will be able to see in a game or a software like spark. You can see it in this video. When the player looks up, it looks like there is no ground. Because the ground is here seen from its inside face. The outside face is the one you normally see when you play, with the ground texture etc. I’m bad at explaining but I hope you understood.

My second idea for you would be to use occluders. You could put your object inside another one, and use this bigger one as an occluder