Type instructions

I know there is a way to add custom instructions to your filter. But I need It to function as the “tap to hold” to say something specific. Is there way to edit the type in the instructions? Or maybe a way to create a text to function so that it activates after holding the button and lasting a few seconds?

AFAIK, there is no way you can edit the built in instruction. But you can make your own custom instructions using 2d text now since the static text is now allowed. you can play around with its visibility using logic based on various user input triggers, camera state, runtime, or combinations of them.

Don’t forget to put them in the last order of scene panel hierarchy, and in the top layer to make sure it renders on top of everything like the built in instruction.
Also in the properties panel, disable the capture option to ensure that the instructions won’t be visible in the recorded video.

For what it’s worth, the built-in instructions are all translated to the user’s language. If you make custom instructions, you’ll be limiting the usefulness of them.

If you do want to use some custom instructions, you can use pulse signal into a delay with a switch to control the visibility.