Ultimate Pack of Shaders - 200+ Spark AR Shaders!

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Looking to enhance your Instagram filters and increase your client rates? This extensive Spark AR Shader pack contains all the necessary elements to elevate your filter prowess. Over the past three months, I dedicated my efforts to constructing and acquiring a wide range of shaders, enabling you to accelerate and expand your filter career like never before.

This package contains of +200 shaders that have been converted from shadertoy.com, sorted and ready to use in Meta Spark application.

Shader categories:

  • 2D Image x 11
  • Backgrounds x 38
  • Creepy x 2
  • Drawing x 10
  • Fire x 6
  • Funny x 10
  • Glitch x 8
  • Heart x 5
  • Old x 8
  • Other x 40
  • Pixalate x 8
  • TV x 11
  • Weather x 12

All this hard work has been provided to you completely free of charge, so please take a moment by giving it a thumbs up and starring it on GitHub. :slightly_smiling_face:


Massive effort! Thanks for sharing!

If you upload the files directly to github, it can make them searchable and browsable without needing to download the zip package. There is already a download button that will give you a zip of the whole repository.


damn! thanks a lot man. Invaluable resources here :smiley:

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