'Unknown Error' on Spark AR Hub upload

I know there’s a couple of other questions regarding the ‘unknown error’ message when trying to submit filters on Spark AR Hub on here - seems that there’s not a lot you can do about it other than report the issue? Have tried uploading multiple files (including ones that have been previously accepted just to see), editing the file, reducing file size, removing tags, everything!

Is anyone else having this bug at the moment? I’ve been trying to upload something for 2 days now :frowning:

This is a super frustrating one. Can you show a screenshot of the error message and give a step-by-step description of your process? You can link to this thread in the bug report

Sometimes I get different errors when trying to upload from spark vs making an export and uploading to the hub. Trying both options could uncover something.

Also, do you get this error with other effects? Or is it just one in particular?

This is the error message, I have tried uploading the effect, just saving it as a draft, uploading directly from spark and exporting the project and uploading myself. Nothing works! I have tried with multiple effects to see if the file was the issue and none of them work either. I have tried uploading the same file from my personal facebook account (this is a work account) and it uploads perfectly fine - so it seems to be a specific issue in uploading from my work facebook account. Extremely frustrating! 3 day of not being able to upload anything through this account now :frowning:

Open the network inspector in your browser before your try submitting and you might be able to dig through the xhr responses to find a clue about why it’s happening

not sure if i’m looking at the right thing here but xhr response flags this

    "data": {
        "ar_effect_create": null
    "errors": [
            "message": "Errors while executing operation \"useARHubEffectPublishCreateEffectMutation\": At Mutation.ar_effect_create: Field implementation threw an exception. Check your server logs for more information.",
            "severity": "CRITICAL",
            "code": 2181065,
            "api_error_code": null,
            "summary": "Unknown error occurred",
            "description": "An unknown error has occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.",
            "description_raw": "An unknown error has occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.",
            "is_silent": false,
            "is_transient": true,
            "requires_reauth": false,
            "allow_user_retry": false,
            "debug_info": null,
            "query_path": null,
            "fbtrace_id": "DJwzuVQ05JZ",
            "www_request_id": "A6Gon1AJA6Cl6VH7vbB3PFN",
            "path": [
    "extensions": {
        "is_final": true

Yeah that’s correct! Hopefully sending this to the Spark team will help them fix the bug. You can link them to this thread in the bug report so they can get the full context.