Unknown error. Unable to upload effect

Hi guys,

When I want to save and upload an effect. I got his error:

"An unknown error has occurred
An unknown error occurred while processing this request. Try again later."

You guys know why this happens?

Try exporting the file and uploading to the hub manually. Sometimes that will give you a more descriptive error message.

I have tried this a lot. Still the same message.

I’ve had this go away on its own a few times (probably a temporary server blip), but sometimes it just gets stuck like this until I rebuild the project.

In any case, you could report the issue through Spark. Sometimes they’ve DMed me about some bugs after they’ve been fixed.

I got this message when I update the effect that its Instagram account binding has been changed. Is your situation the same as mine?

Alright. I rebuild the project but still got the same error.

Finally I fixed it by deleting some animation sequences. And made them less complicated. Less frames etc. I dont know why this worked. But it did.

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How many frames were in the sequence? Just curious because I’ve done some effects with 96 frame animation sequences with no problem. I suppose it could be a new bug though.

I had 5 different animation sequences on top of each other with 40 frames. Some were 30 frames.

I had this problem few times.
I changed my internet and it fixed.
I think your internet connection has some issues

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Well, after uploading a few newer versions of effects, (same effect, different style) I still got the same error…
How to fix? I don’t think it’s the internet connection.