Uploading issues and inconveniences of Lens Studio

I was making AR effects for some time and noticed several experience problems. Want to know about ones creators have.
Which uploading process issues have you encountered with Lens Studio? Which ones are the most irritating for your work?

Sharing the biggest one: effect ownership rights passing between accounts. The effect should be uploaded by the end owner, so I can’t simply upload it by myself and then send to a customer. I need to explain the customer how to do it. Or ask for an account access. This drives me crazy.

Also started a similar discussion about Spark AR, with more problems listed there, feel free to join: Uploading issues and inconveniences of Spark AR

I love that the review process is automated and fast, but I have hit one snag a few times. They will tell you there’s an error in your effect, but they don’t tell you what it is directly. They send the error log to your email. In the case of our company account, I don’t regularly check that email, so I didn’t see the error message until much later. I wish the hub would just tell you what it is! It’s not always as simple as opening the effect and immediately seeing the error. Sometimes their test suite catches things that I don’t always catch in development.

I’m still a Snap noob, but that’s my only complaint so far.


True story. Also, it has been cool if we can use the test link immediately and don’t waste time waiting for the approval cuz it is just a test lens that I need to share with someone. But, I know why that do it, cuz you can post any video even if the lens didn’t public yet :slight_smile: Dilemma.


That’s interesting. Actually creator or effect owners could have preferred sometimes to post the video only with them using the effect. No so viral probably, but kind of exclusive.

Better error messages/communication and a better upload process are things Snap is aware of. I don’t know how much they are being prioritized, but I’ve had discussions with them about this.