Uploading issues and inconveniences of Spark AR

I was making AR filters for some time and met with several “creator experience” problems. I want to talk about uploading process issues of Spark AR and know which ones are important to creators.

The most impactful are described in the first comment👇 Would love to hear your opinion or listen about another moments noticed. Maybe we come up with the ideas how to deal with them.

If you are up to have a conversation, feel free to note, I am glad to have a chat or short call.
Thank you!

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The most impactful uploading issues for me:

  1. Effect ownership pass. When you making a commercial filter, it is impossible to upload it by yourself and just send to client. Filter has to be uploaded from the owner account. So, you, as a creator, have to ask for brand account access or ask client to upload by himself. That was often a dead end for me.
  2. Review process. It becomes significantly faster with a few filters uploaded but lesser the better.
  3. Demo video and form filling in general. The form is convenient to fill from web, but video should be made with Instagram. So, you have to capture it, send to desktop, paste into form. Also, default video quality is poor, so you need either postprocess it or deal with a worse first expression for user from demo.
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It would be nice to be able to upload an effect and hand off ownership. Like you can invite the brand to accept the effect and that’s all they need to do. I imagine it would work like a staging zone where the effect can be approved, then the brand can accept it without much work on their end. That’s kind of the same model that medium has for submitting articles to publications and it seems to work nicely.

I think the review process comes from the legal requirements set forth by the app store and maybe google play too. I doubt we’ll see any changes in that, unfortunately.

For the demo videos, I usually capture and upload to the hub directly from my phone. The best way I’ve found to maintain quality is to do a screen recording of the effect in the spark player app. Seems like they have become more lenient about requiring the effects to be recorded in IG.

My main complaints are just about the general bugginess of the hub. The thumbnail selector has never worked for me. I will select a thumbnail but it just won’t ever apply correctly. I’ve also seen bugs where the hub just won’t accept my project and the only solution I could find was to redo the entire thing from scratch.


Exactly, hand off ownership with acceptance from brand would do good. It would even make the other problems a little bit smaller because I won’t throw the customer at dealing with them. Maybe Facebook doesn’t have infrastructure for that feature yet.

Bugginess steps up sometimes, met thumbnail strange acting too. And the whole process is far from being automatic, you still have to fill the form mostly manually and from browser. Some autofill based on preferences and filter content would do.

Didn’t know about Medium submitting articles for publications system, thank you.

Maybe you have already, but I’d recommend trying a different browser… I used to do all the hub stuff from my laptop and then go set the thumbnail from my phone (chrome on Android) :anguished: and that actually worked… for my most recent effect publishing I was able to do it all (even thumbnail) from a desktop browser, but I don’t remember whether it was Safari or Firefox…


Handoff ownership would be great.

I’ve done a couple of commerical ones now, they’ve given me permissions via facebook to access their instagram account (as an admin type thing), I know the guys so there’s already a certain level of trust we have.

When uploading I’ve always tried to add myself as a collaborator which never seems to work unfortunately.

Demo videoing is a pain, especially when submitting something for a client.
I’ve had to upload a demo video of myself a few times, put a future date in, get it accepted then change the video according to the client. I’m not sure if they’ll ever be a good solution from Spark, unless they can do something based on a trust rating or something.

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Thank you, ownership is the most important one. I used to do commercial filters for new people and didn’t asked for an access. And they just stopped at the upload stage even with instruction.
Seems that collaborator rights are quite limited.

Agree. One thing I do not like about demo video is it’s importance. An average Instagram user coming from an account page sees thumbnail → demo video → effect itself. Creator have to care a lot about demo video and thumbnail quality otherwise user may not reach effect at all.