URGENT: Can't publish an effect, but the size and capabilities are ok

Sorry for the urgent request, but I’ve been working on this effect for a month for the Storytelling contest that ends tomorrow, so it’s a last-minute “surprise”.

According to Spark, the effect size is ok, and the capabilities and requirements are ok, but when I try to publish it, I see an error.


What could be the problem and how to fix it?

I tried to compress all textures so that the effect size was about 1 MB, but the error remained.

At the same time, the effect is too big to be sent directly to Instagram for testing, but I can deploy it to mobile Spark Player, and I tested it every day, and it works fine.

Problem solved! It seems that in addition to compressing textures inside Spark and in the textures folder, I also needed to compress the textures in the object folder.

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