URGENT HELP NEEDED: Create a Filter that has multiple photos of people & face tracker -- face replacement



I am currently stuck and urgently need your help. Does anyone know how to create the following:

My task:
Create a filter of 10 “frames”. Each frame being a dance couple. Each couple has a “pro” dancer. Each pro dancers face should be swapped with the filter users face giving the impression that it is you who is the professional dancer. Claim “Be the professional dancer of the dancing couple” Each frame should be changeable through “Tap to change” command

Thanks a lot in advance

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Is this a project with a budget and timeline? Are you looking for paid help?

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I already started creating the animation sequence where I imported all files and selected the command “tap to change” which works perfectly. I am looking for an answer on how I can add the face trackers the replace the faces with the filters users face. Deadline is by tomorrow. Unfortunately I am myself on it so I can’t pay it. Rather asking for advice

I don’t have much time to contribute, and it’s a little hard to visualize exactly what you are describing. Ideally you could share the effect files and brief here and someone could help more directly.

If you want to do a sort of seamless face replacement, there are some difficulties because the projected face texture will have some missing pieces if the user’s face pose doesn’t match the dancer’s face pose. There’s a great tutorial by Dan Moller on the subject. He uses render passes and delay frames to paint in the missing textures.

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Thanks a lot for the let and time taken! Really appreciate!

See the file attached. Basically it doesn’t need to be a great filter that includes the entire face. If parts are missing so be it. it’s more of a fun filter to try.

2 Problems I am having:

A: How do I attach a face mesh to each “frame/dancer couples face” while they change their position in the filter

B: How can I add my or the filter users face on top of it so it seems the filter user is the “pro dancer”

HERE THE FILE as a WeTransfer link. Since I am new I can’t upload files yet.

You can use face mesh without the face tracker. Pull the face mesh outside of the face tracker, then position it in the scene.

The positioning is potentially difficult, depending on how you want to handle sizing your textures. Scaling the frame to cover the whole viewport will be different, depending on viewport size. You need to take this scale factor and apply it also to your mask positions. The fit2rect patch could help in this case. You can use it to size the frame texture, and grab the scale factor to apply to your mask positions.

It’s a hard solution to describe quickly, but I hope that helps!


Thank you so much for all the help! That one really helped a lot! You just saved my week! Thank you!

Have a great rest of the week!


Awesome! I wish I could have gotten my hands dirty, but I’m slammed with projects this week. Glad you found a solution!