User Editable Text - Is it a thing or not?

Apparently it was an intended functionality at some point, as described in official docs

However, I see comments online that it is either disabled altogether, or limited to Facebook platform.

Does anyone know the current (and future) status of this feature? Is there any officially published live document that tracks feature deprecation? I keep running into issues where the official docs suggest possibilities to clients and then I have the joy of trying it out and telling them it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?



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You’ll probably get the joy of telling them it’s not possible :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ve heard it’s only available on Facebook (it was never available for instagram), but I once tried to use it for a FB effect and couldn’t get it to work; you can try, just try to get the keyboard or input method to display, if you can’t get it to display then it’s not available (Last time I couldn’t get it to display)…

You can use a Picker + Tap combo to make a keyboard but it’s not a good UX, examples:

Fragment text

Validate me please (SPN Trophy)

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