Using "3D animated Poster" template with multiple fixed targets?


I would like to setup 3 fixed target trackers but still use the patches/scripts from the “3DAnimatedPoster” template… Reason being, the template has a great UI and it seems the Target tracker / SLAM integration is more stable than just creating multiple target trackers.

I only actually require 1 of the 3 to be tracked which user can select on opening.

I’m trying to reverse engineer to template, but not having much luck. Does anyone know if this is possible, or another approach perhaps?


I just played around with it a bit and I also don’t really see how one would go about this via patches. If the “Texture” slot property is accessible via script however you could try an equivalent to this :

The connection to the Texture slot here doesn’t work, just a screenshot.

Else I think you have no choice but to create several of them like in this video :

And somehow manage the instruction update yourself.

Hi Boris, Thank you for taking a look and sharing the above! Yeah if only we could link like your example :wink:

I’m happy so say a developer friend was able to get it working thru adjusting the script. I can vaguely understand what’s going on in the patch editor, but lost in the J.S… But just to let people know it is possible! I’m happy to share the project once it’s complete…

Now if only the target tracker could be more reliable! (In fact I’m on here now since we’re showing the client tmr n having isses with the stability of the target tracker. It’s so hit/miss even with Meta’s own demo!


Nice! Glad to hear it was successfully tackled :slight_smile:

Yeah the tracking stability is a bit disappointing, had the same experience recently, even their base example isn’t the most stable thing in the world ^^

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