Using a Texture Sequence in the Patch Editor

Alright, this has bugged me for a while, You know how you can drag a singular texture into the patch editor, it turns orange and you can manipulate it to use it as part of a material from there

When I drag a texture sequence into the patch editor, and hook it up to a material, it just turns white and doesn’t show up properly. I want to fade in the texture so I need to access the alpha but I can never get sequences to work!! Do I need to pipe it through an animation controller or something idk (those aren’t for texture sequences I know). Any advice at all is welcome

Mmm interesting. You’re right about the controller. I just checked a project with sequences I have to make sure, and I’m able to just do Drag > Orange. Can you share a screenshot of “turns white”?

Is the whole screen turning white, are you on macOS? If so I think the white is unrelated and it’s another bug that I’ve seen in the last few versions

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Make sure you’re using the animation sequence and not the actual texture. I just did a quick test and I get a white screen with the texture, but the animation sequence works as expected.


ah!!! I didnt even try dragging the sequence I assumed I couldn’t. Sorry Tomas I didn’t explain that well, when I connect it to a material the material tuned white because I was dragging the texture itself not the sequence I created!!

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