[̲̅v][̲̅o][̲̅t][̲̅e] by bethwickerson

Super excited and nervous to be the first in Workshop!

This is an effect I hope that people can use to encourage each other to vote. The presidential election in the US is pretty much all I can think about, but hey, it could apply anywhere with democratic elections.

I made a 3D object of the word “vote” and placed it on a plane tracker and face tracker. I am using a reflective glass shader on the object, and perlin noise texture distortion on a segmentation layer (thank you, Josh). As well as a FastColorLUT (another thank you, Josh). This project incorporates sound by animating the 3D object and the texture distortion. I added another element of interactivity to the front camera with a distorted face mesh that can be turned on with screen tap, as well as the ability to adjust the object’s position on the x axis. I don’t have any instructions to indicate that, but I do for the sound and object placement. Maybe better not to have too many instructions.

I am mostly looking for opinions. Is it cool enough? I have changed the look and the whole damn premise so many times, with color and render pass and emitters, so I need to settle on something. I like the clear glass distorted look, but I wonder if it needs something more related to the whole vote concept. Or is it better just to look cool and have the word vote?

One issue I encountered is already a known one, the perlin noise deteriorates with time, becoming more and more pixelated…

Testing Link:

Demo videos:

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mmmh, I really like it as is! I can imagine different colors and so on would look good as well though. If you want to push the “voting” theme more, you could try projecting different flags on the glass texture and have those toggled via a picker UI maybe? Though it would lose a part of it’s mileage as that would restrain its use (also you might run into file weight issues if you want too many flags x) )
I really like the visuals though so far, especially the perlin noise segmentation, looks great :slight_smile:


Thanks Boris! I really appreciate that.

It looks pretty cool based on the still image. I’m not able to load the effect on my Android phone (presumably because of segmentation although I’m not getting any kind of message just an endless loading spinner icon) and the demo video is shutting me out (with a no access message) too ! : ) Looks cool, would like to see more of it…

It does have segmentation, so you usually get a message? Hmm.
I changed the demo video to a public listing, hopefully it will load now!

I like the glass texture too! But if you want to add some color, @Boris’es idea with national flag sounds really good (I would still leave some transparency on the flag to keep the glass-vibe). It might make the audience a little more engaged, as they will know that the filter referes to the specific event.

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Usually my phone says “Effect not available.” when trying to load an effect with segmentation in IG (works fine in FB and Spark AR player on the same phone so IG is just blacklisting my phone) but I’ve seen based on postings that there is perhaps currently another issue with Android and segmentation… In any case I can see the demo video now and so it looks like there is a face tracking mode and then another mode that places it in the 3D space (plane tracking?). How does that work ? Does it depend on which camera is enabled or does the behavior depend on whether or not it detects a face ? I think the idea you seem to have going of having the image appear warm and colorful and inviting when viewed through the “VOTE” object is nice (it occurred to me that perhaps the image that isn’t viewed through the object could be completely desaturated for even more contrast?) For me personally (based only on demo video) the audio reactivity seems a little jerky and perhaps distracting… What about having something else (the brightness of the “VOTE” object maybe ?) react to audio rather than the scale of the object ? Just some things to consider. I think it’s looking good though ! One other thing, have you considered putting an exclamation point on “VOTE!” : )

I have both a plane tracker and face tracker in my scene, and the plane tracker object only renders on the back camera, while the face tracker object only renders on the front camera. The object is still there on the front camera even if it does not detect a face, it just sort of floats. In other effects I would hide it if there is no face detected, but I am still debating on what to do with it here.

I agree the audio reactivity on the object is jerky! I was thinking about trying to minimize it, but I like your idea of having it affect something else like the brightness.


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I know now what I need to do. Create 3D or SDF lines inside the letters and animate those :exploding_head:


To fix the time deterioration, you could offset the texture coordinates to the side and rotate it with a looping animation.

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did you ever end up pushing this idea further ?


I did try to do the blendshapes audio reactive animation on the 3D model. It did not work well because I made the model from an image I converted from an stl. So the blendshapes were too distorted. I haven’t had time to do anything else.

Getting ready to put a call out here on the LAB. Be on the lookout!

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