Version of Spark AR related to IG Version?


So in testing some of my filters i will use SparkAR to send to device button then click send to app… send to Instagram camera. It then produces a link. I then share this link out to co-works for testing.

The issue is they receive an error saying “I cant use this effect on my device” or something to that effect. I then have to tell them to go and manually update IG. After doing that it works.

Is what version IG is need based on what version of SparkAR I am using?
Will this issue go away when I actually publish the effect?

I don’t know how all of this is related under the hood, but if you’re going for maximum compatibility, you could use a slightly older version of Spark. I’ve been using v95 for a while. I’ll upgrade if I need some of the newer capabilities.

Shoot so i really need to rebuild my project in v95