Video Record with Slider UI Hand Free

Hi creators !
I want to record a video using my effect with the ability to use the slider ui so with hand free.
But I’m not able to do this…
When I launch my effect, I was only able to record hand free but not with the slider…
Any clue ?
Effect link :
Target :

Thanks and have a nice day !

I’ll be honest I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. What do you mean by “hands free”?

Do you mean to record a video where the slider is still useable?

Do you mean to record a video where the slider is still useable?

Yes, exactly, I want to record a video where I can see the use of the slider.

ah for that I think you can force it’s visibility like so : (quickly tested it and the slider shows up while I’m recording)

Ah ok ! Thank you Boris ! I’ll try that :grinning:

Unfortunately, it didn’t work… but I made a mistake, it’s not with the slider, it’s withe the picker UI… maybe, this is different ?

Ah, I tested the same setup with the picker and pushed it to my phone. The picker is visible on recording however its functionality is disabled, can’t toggle in between the options while recording.
I imagine unfortunately that this is a default behavior tied to the picker that would be hard to bypass :x

Oh crap…
I can’t believe others creators didn’t need that feature to show how their filters work.
Thank you Boris for your time :slight_smile:

ah yeah it’s been an issue for every picker filter we’ve made. No choice really since they also don’t allow you to edit the video, we only show one mode :confused:

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Thanks Boris ! I think I will record my screen to show all. It’s for the demo on my website so I could do this way. When the bug with target tracking on Android will be solved I can do that :grinning:

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